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SomeGuy says

I find this game as remarkable design. Such as it's cloned brethen: SSB Crusade, and SSB Flash 2. Bravo

redgar says

i love the game ,but i think that could have the master hand in the end of the arcadmod.i like that hand

Brian Tam says

I can't load the game on my windiws pc! I can only enter "settings" and "versus" but can't choose "arcade" or any characters!!! PLS HELP!!!

Brian says

Man. Watched trailer. Looks. So. Awesome. (But perhaps it needs a bit more characters...)

levi says

love this game

David says

Anuar, to unlock Mega Man you have to play arcade mode with all starter characters.The other needs to be unlocked by defeating him when he shows up on the Saffron City stage, it will take while.

GBCPlayr says


Bauxite says

Any chance we could get the source code? I'd be happy to start work on a Linux port.

Trace says

Can you make a copy for a GBA emulator?

anuar says

I LOVE THIS GAME! but how do i unlock the locked characters? i already beat megaman in arcade... i just got a stage

REDBEAST200997 says

if only this was ported to WIIU, im just sayin that nintendo should hire you cos this is a great game but idk why people are saying that it should have so many characters, a few fan requested characters along with 3-4 veterans would suffice because its the simplicity and the 8-bit feel of the game that makes it what it is

safario says

mmmh i wish there was goku and smash ball in that game

hamza says

it looks fun

Kibito says

I think you should add sonic, samus or another character

adam says


Tyler says

Just wondering, but what did you use to make this Dan? As an aspiring indie game dev, I would love to know because I'm looking to make a Smash Bros like game for my next project. Also, I'm just curious. :D

Pizzamanspatula says

This is absolutely perfect.

Riley says

This game wont work on my laptop any suggestions??

Michael says

can you please make this for a gameboy emulator?

Caio says

I love this game, but it needs more characters. I really like Ness. : )

Caio says

This game is sooo good!!

ryan says

i love the games that had link

The Nathan Sweet says

Truly a great game,but like Seoni said, it needs more characters... I suggest Mewtwo and Wario, as they are both from big gameboy games

B. Puccini says

Nice game. Impressive work!

Emouri Jones says

Hey they should really create one for the phone

juan carlos says

gracias por participar

Seoni Castillo says

It needs more characters. Hmm. maybe pac-man and sonic

Dominik Deupi says

I think that is a verry cool game ;) I like it a much

Someone... says

Why still no update T_T. I already played this game 1 year ago but now, still no update T_T

diegotula says

muy bueno

Zack says

This game is an incredible work of programming and art! Beautiful music and art design. Physics are incredible. FANTASTIC level design. My only complaint is that I wish there were more characters. Please make more dlc!

Avi says

I cannot play this game. Windows isn't let me open this file. It says 'virus software'


I keep getting the same glitch. It says --------------------------------------- ERROR in action number 1 of Other Event: Game Start for object obj_gameStart: Error defining an external function.


Every time I open the game it gives me error messages. ERROR in action number 1 of Other Event: Game Start for object obj_gameStart: Error defining an external function. Why does this happen? Please respond, I'd really like to play this awesome looking Smash Demake.

gamenowl86 says

i cant get the game to run it gust says like extract it to desctop??? if enyone can help thanks!!!

Joseph says

Cant get it to open. Seems really fun though.

Sky says

Is there a mac download?

Ota-kun says

I'd really like a mac version of this so that I may make some 'let's plays'. Any news when it will come out?

Nick says

ssb is good so i wonder how good this will be

Nick says

ssb is good so i wonder how good this will be

Sanic says

can you make a innovation of this game called Super Smash Land Advance with more characters and different features of the ssb games?

Doole says

will this game support USB gamepads like an SNES game pad?

esdras says

existe super smash flash novo para computador ?

Trimint says

the BEST

Mo says

A beautiful tribute to my childhood and many others. Thank you dev. *sheds tear*

lelelelelelelele reddit was here says

op is a fag

KK says

An online patch would be AMAZING...

blank says

Damn.we need this in android emulators! Why are we not funding this? :) good but please create for emulators

LegozPlaysMC says

Make a ios gba4ios rom plzZzzzzzzzzzz

MasterSmasher says

Also, can you make a Game Boy cartridge version?

MasterSmasher says

Please create one for Debian/Linux. I am unable to play this on my Linux.

R0m5 says

Version for iOS PLS !!!!!!!

L1nk says

I can't Play it On Ios !!! PLS make a Rom for it

Dorry Itas says

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Mr Yoom says

I don't have a computer, will there be a console release?

Nik says

Why not make a rom version for emulators?

Falling_Spirit says

hey you should make a smash melee demake but this time more characters and have master hand as the master please

The Cat says

If I had the capability to do so, I would definitely port this to an actual GB cartridge. I enjoy this very much.

Shortiecanbrawl says

You really should make a smash GBA!

Ya Dad says

very interesting take on a Smash Bros. fan-game. although obviously it can't be taken to a competitive level, it's still worth downloading to try it out. One of the secret characters made me lol