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Sanic says

and don't spam Pikachu

Sanic says

really Sonic? firstly, get your fawfuls in order. Secondly, that's a stupid complaint. People have creative licence to include and exclude whoever they want from their games. Thirdly, it doesn't fit: this is a demake of Smash 64, which was created before Sonic was available for Nintendo games.

Awesome Game!! says

This game is super awesome but you should make a GB rom so we can play it where ever you go!

Lonk says

pretty good. controls are weird. IGN: 7.8/10 too much water

gustavo henrique says

quero jogar

joseph says

ehh its ok the controls are really bad and i dont understand why he made a and b attacks to one button overall 5/10

Extremmefan says

It looks good so far. Now all you need are Samus, Luigi (a bit taller than Mario), Yoshi, Captain Falcon, Jigglypuff and Donkey Kong, and you've got all the characters from Smash Bros. 64

Pikachu says

While I enjoy my appearance in this game, Mewtwo seems to have.... Other things in mind. Would you mind putting him in the roster?

Pikachu says

While I enjoy my appearance in this game, Mewtwo seems to have.... Other things in mind. Would you mind putting him in the roster?

Pikachu says

While I enjoy my appearance in this game, Mewtwo seems to have.... Other things in mind. Would you mind putting him in the roster?

sonic says

Where I am?

Giovanni says

Its a good game but I think you may put more characters like mew two.

Lucas says

this game is awsome

BBSmashLand says

This game is awesome! Other than SSB Crusade, this is probably one of the best Smash Bros. Fangames I have ever seen! I give it 4.9/5 stars. One thing that you should add is a Training Mode, though. THAT would make it a 5 star Smash Bros. Game. Other than that, I commend you, Dan Fornace. Keep up the good work

Samuel says

Use Sonic & Pac-Man also

Samuel says

In version 1.2, use all characters in the Smash 64(don't use Jigllypuff) & Megaman.

Guymandude says

How do I do this games equivalent of Pikachu's neutral special? I've seen CPUs do it, but I can't seem to.

Sobsz says

I love this game! Perfectly shows how SSB could look if it was on a Gameboy.

the cool guy says

@ironedsandwich YOU ARE AN IDIOT


Hi everyone, Just a quick reminder that comments will be disabled on the first of May, so drop in some comments while you can! We appreciate all of your feedback.

IronedSandwich says

by the way the 'Tier Lists' coverage doesn't seem to be there anymore. Rather than seeing Special Move, Sonic etc I'd like to see some easy-ish modification method so you could add whatever you want yourselves.

Cudl says

Feels very clean and smooth. Just wish there was two attack buttons! (A and B)

Superkidra says

*needs (I'm a failure)

Superkidra says

This really need netplay...

Scott Keele says

Also you need a Linux build.

Scott Keele says

Can you port this to a gba cartridge to use one a gba. If you could, I might buy it.

Rexer says

can you make a gba emulators version of this that would be awesome on ios

damion says

wow this game has amazing potential keep it up I love this game. but just don't go to overboard like ssb wiiu did make sure to keep the game simple and maby 1 or 2 more maps would be nice as well and maby sonic and all the original characters (yes I understand it may take time and lots of money just ask for donation hell if I had any money I would donate some right now

NãoteEntereça says


ERORR says

Somebody needs to remake SSB U for PC

ERORR says

Somebody needs to remake SSB U for PC

Timothy says

I just wanted to said your doing amazing with this game and add like 3-4 more character and make animations for the character final smash

Juan says

It's great, nice soundtrack, all nice, but... add more characters and items-

IronedSandwich says

...isn't as cool as Mega Man or as fitting here

IronedSandwich says

could you add some method of adding content? PS cool captcha APS Bubsy the Bobcat

jewish goy says

i liek shekels. pls gibe me deh monei you kike

Hax says

it's cool,nice soundtrack and characters, juuuust one minor complaint: there's no items or shields.just saying

Tavi the Smasher says

Please create a ROM alternative for Gba or Gb as it would be twice as useful for mobile devices!

KIRBY says


Koopa Troopa says

It looks cool

Bubsy the Bobcat says


spammy says


i am so much better than you says

i am here

froakie says

this is so fun. it would be better if i can play it on my game boy

DBH says

I love the gameboy feel of this game!

Phoenix Wright says

Please, can you upload it in a ROM file? If it is with the specs of a GB, it should be nothing of a problem.

Monkey says

I downloaded the game and Direct Play but I can't get it to work. What should I do?

Pololokka says

Put this game on Steam and make it online, a good, free online game, that's what everyone wants, am I right?

Nick says

Awesome game! As Starking64 said, a few more characters would be nice, but it isn't necessary because Super Smash Land is already a great game. And maybe eventually update it from a flash game to have it as an app?

leonardo phillip says


gabe says

i think is awsome and cool and my mom won,t get the game and thats no fair is that bad or good cuse i m 7 years old well bye


This game is great! A few more characters would be cool though. Yoshi, Jigglypuff, and if you're going for oddball fighters like Vaporeon, I suggest Shovel Knight. He already has a retro feel to him.

tsthebest says

it wont work for me

Joshuwott says

Awesome game I unlocked all of the characters my favorite character is Vaporeon.

HavSumDethEggs@4A.M. says

This game is honestly so limited in what it truly could have been. The restriction of it is that it emulates the gameboy's possible smash brothers this however was the goal so mission accomplished i guess but if your looking for a legitimently fun game look some where else unless you like hitting buttons repeatedly and hoping you hit the opponent along with random percentages and just micro smash all around. my honest rating for this game is a 4/10

Skips says

great game! but add all the old n64 characters and also remake it for GBA

SuperRetroBrosBlog says

Awesome game. Perfect the way it is! Great work.

Kyle says

Why are there only 6 characters?


you have to mae this for macs!!


you have to mae this for macs!!