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tollo says


Luigibound says

Awesome game,I do understand why there's so little characters.limits cause gb.Great game 18/10

Nuketastic says

Doesn't link have a nose?

esteban ortiz cifuentes says

what ever

esteban ortiz cifuentes says

what ever

Hunter says

Please, please, please, please, please make it for Mac or just a GBA rom.

Balarb says

Limits make sense. It IS supposed to be a Gameboy game after all.

PokeBro04 says

how do u download

Waldo says

This game would be so good on the 3DS VC especially if you could fight over wireless!

Sunay says

can you get this for the real game boy

The longest name that you will ever see on this site from no says

This is a very well polished game! Good work!

moo says

you need to add more stages, maybe a donkey kong stage+character

Kieron says

WOW!!! now i want to be able to play it in a game boy emulator.

DATAblitzer says

fanmade and awesome and why did nintendo never made this game on the original gameboy

Axel says


Axel says


Davidgamer says

I like nintendo' s videogames

Davidgamer says

I like nintendo' s videogames

Zephram says

Quite a cool game. Very fun and with kickin' tunes. Gets the most out of the control scheme, runs as smoothly as a GB game. I made a 460x215 logo for those who like the game and use Steam to keep their games organized:

Geneworld says

Hey any chance porting this to Linux and RaspberryPi? This would be a great game to play!

speedy says

This game is very fun, the gameplay offers something that we have yet to see in the smash series, which is an offensive, projectile based gameplay

Ezzz says

(Sorry about that, had a different font enabled) Is a mobile version possible? It'd be greatly appreciated

Ezzz says

Is t???? a ??ss???? ??t??? ???s??? ??? ??????? It ????? ?? ???at?? a??????at??, ?s????a??? ?? ?t ?????? ?? ?????? emulators

Gem Carlo Ramos says

Oops bad grammar :(

Gem Carlo Ramos says

It's a great game but,it should be play on a gameboy or it can emulated so that we can play this game "on the go" but i have to admit impressed on how you made this game for retro-gamers. Oh and pls add one more character pls!

a says

what is the cheat code

a says

what is the cheat code

jarrett says

make more chacracters

Alan White says

THis is interesting ,but you should actually port it to the GB. I'd be more interested in playing it on a repro cart than playing some other annoying PC game with licensed characters. Plus it'd be a technical feast.

MrEon says

Good grief this game is fun! Nostalgic as heck with the look and sounds of it, definitely looking forward to seeing more development!

Max Aguilar says

I love how you work within the graphical limitations of the game boy!

Sebastian says

Wow. this game is great. and extremely nostalgic

gustavo lopez says

can be run on gameboy emulator?.. that will be so great.. imagine playing this game on gameboy ..with cat-rom and played by link cable.. can you make this?.. think about taht will be so so so great

Clerek says

Are you going to make a Web site version of the game?

Clerek says

Are you going to make a Web site version of the game?

BennyJackdaw says

This game needs more characters!

Ryan says

Please for make for emulators Or just a android app Can you please make for Gameboy advanc Version ? It would be very cool but I know that it is a lot of work so don't worry

Bitch says


Kirbster says

What program did you use?

Vinicius says

Great game! Also, why not putting Sonic on the list of playable characters? I've made some Mock ps with sprites made by Vebills, with Sonic and Windy Hill in the game. Check out:

Jaydan says

This game would let mo poen it. D:

James says

It wouldn't allow me to play it ;(

rayane says


rayane says


Reece Beuzeville says

Please make this for Mac or ios

Devin says

how do I play it? I can't. plz help.

Alexander says

Controls a bit hard to understand but its a great game to play and also a good concept on ios and android

Cristobal says

should do for android and ios

Lucas says

An Sequence or a mobile version it ill be a good idea!

Jason Summer says

It's a fantastic idea. The nostalgia of past, and the hype of today, beautifully come together in the two greatest Nintendo achievements. (It does lack the mobile charm of a gameboy. Should look into that.)

mlodv says

PLEASE ..MAKE MOBILE VER. off tjis game.please:)

Dezirae says

how do you play the games on smash.

Evan says

This game looks amazing and looks like what the gameboy is in a smash game.

Rogue71 says

Can you PLEASE make a mobile version of this? That would be AMAZING.

Brandon8127 says

good game. feels like your playing on a real gameboy.

Ogmo says

I wish there was an easier way to play with a controller :/

Theretroblaziken 64 says

Its incredible how they made this game without a base rom

swagman says

mario op

YAY says

Yah! Eaih! "Kirby"

YAY says

Yah! Eaih! "Kirby"