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Blair says

Just saying - if you guys were to make novelty physical editions on actual gameboy cartridges I would totally buy it.

gamer369 says

Does anyone want me to make a "Super Smash Land GBA" ? it would be HTML5, and not compatible with ROMs, but...

Jesús Chong says

I dont know, but in my opinion controllers are a bit weird. Thats all I could say, I cant say I dont like it since it has other positive aspects like design and creativity, but on the downside I cant get adapted to the controlles

Ryan says

I got the game and it looks great, but I get an error when trying to load it. Am I doing something wrong?

Felipe Alves Perez says

Best game!

Pedro says

Looks cool! Downloading it now. I look forward for further updates!

jennifer says

super genial

Alexandre says

Hey guy, its possible converts this game to a Game Boy rom?

Matterking says

This game is amazing.

yassin says


Potatomo says

Can't wait for Mac version! Seems promising!

Valentino says

I like the idea of this game

Pololokka says

oh, and one more thing.An adventure/RPG game, you guys should make a game. One of yours, one new Zelda, with your Link and this Old-But-Gold-Graphics. Maybe a buge RPG, I dunno, just think about it.

Pololokka says

This game is AWESOME! But I think there should be more characters( not to much, unless the memory would exceed the avaiable for the game boy), an app, because, the game is great. Well, that settles it. Great work guys!

leonardo manuel says

este juego esta buenisimo =D

Justin says

Hello, can you please make a version for mac? I've been waiting for 3years but no mac version :(


Pls Make it a app

Dijan says

Dude, pls work on a real rom, playing this game on android with gameboid would be so nice

lucas says

e um jogo com pouco personagem do que super smash bros

lucas says

e um jogo com pouco personagem do que super smash bros

Davidlinye says

Hi i am pretty good at ssb and i love project M

Mark says


crazymaster01 says

wow what a great game, I love the art and the music, ¿can you make a version like the SNES graphics? it would be epic but more based on the history mode in SSBB

Minoru The Orator says

This is a idea I had that I wished Nintendo or someone would have done, you guys are amazing for making one of my ideas a dream come true. The other thing I always wanted to see was for Nintendo to let Capcom make a SSB 2D fighter with the Marvel vs Capcom 2 sprite base and graphics, have it were you have a health bar the characters would look so awesome in hand drawn sprites. It would make for a great spin off but to bad it will never happen.

Donald says

You should make this a .gb file... It would be amazing

Rocket Racer says

Just one Thing AWESOME!!!

Vicente says

Dudes I can not use my XBOX Wireless control the game using the same Joy2Key, could you help me?

Seven says

holy crap this is brilliant. kinda sad there's no Mac build, but I suppose good things come to those who wait! :D more power to SmashLand!

savyteaq says

Can you make it a .gb file?

yolohunter says

Really need this for mac

rudum says

i love the game mother/earthbound is there going to be a update with ness or lucas

Dami says

Plus super smash flash 2 is free! Here's The link>

Dami says

You guys should try super smash flash 2 v. 09b it has these characters> Mario , Donkey Kong , Link, Kirby , Samus , Mega Man , Fox Ness , Picachu , Sonic , Peach , Wario , Zelda , Meta Knight , Zero Suit Samus , Bomber Man , Captain Falcon , Black Mage , Jigglypuff , Tails, Yoshi , Marth , Lloyd , Chibi Robo , Sora , Ichigo , Naruto , Goku

Vincenzo Ciccione says

This game is perfect so much detail for a gameboy reimagioning. A+++ Good Job!

Vincenzo Ciccione says

This game is perfect so much detail for a gameboy reimagioning. A+++ Good Job!

Wikkid Vömmit says

Could you make an actual .gb or .gbc rom for it so that it is compatible with GBA4iOS?

Wikkid Vömmit says

Could you make an actual .gb or .gbc rom for it so that it is compatible with GBA4iOS?

Wikkid Vömmit says

Could you make an actual .gb or .gbc rom for it so that it is compatible with GBA4iOS?

sneakyspuzz says

I love it!

A Person says

Best 5-character roster ever.10/10.

Otis Tomaselli says

Kollege! Mach das mal toll! mfg, Otis

gamer369 says

is there any way I can mod this? I'd be really interested to make new moves/characters...

DEAFL7 says


XShadowySnowX says

This game was sooo GREAT!!!! IT SO AMAZING!! Good job and keep up the great work! :D

Hunter says

me gustaría muchísimo ver un rom de gb que fuera este juego... me encanta!!

Jpablo says

The real gameboy will run this?

mar mar says


vito says

what are all characters and all locaitons can i have all characters and all locaitons in a zip file to download

Sandino says

Great game will there be any online multiplayer? Please respond... :)

Lewis says

This is really cool, a credit to everyone involved. It did get me wondering tho... Would the original GB hardware be able to run this? Seeing it running on that would be incredible.

Landen says

i think this is a great game

Brandon Derricho says

OMG! 2 Things: 1) Bravo, my friends. You have successfully made my dreams come true. 2) YOU MADE THIS IN GAME MAKER???? I NEED TO KNOW YOUR SECRETS!!! PLEASE TEACH ME SENPAI!!!

Cameron says

10/9.5 Great Game!!! This game is amazing because of its quality, it is easy to run, and basically everything else. But there is one thing that I need help with, when I start the game everything is fine. When I click arcade the button will not work, also endless mode is grayed out, and when I click Versus mode. It works but I can not add CPU PLAYERS, and I can not choose a character. Great game, I need help.

Rob says

You should get this game on steam ASAP

guh says

no controller support

mauricek says

supersmashland is awesome

Miro says

this would be the coolest ROM ever! I'd have smash on my phone where ever I go,if you could do that, you my friend would be a god.

Víctor says

You should make this game a gameboy rom

Coolguy says

Great game, simple unlike other smash remakes/demakes adding a million characters. The stages are designed well, the characters are, and the single attack button fits surprisingly well with the keyboard nature of this game.

SomeGuy says

I find this game as remarkable design. Such as it's cloned brethen: SSB Crusade, and SSB Flash 2. Bravo