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Hunter says

Joe, you have to go to the file it self and extract the application and when you do that, you can load it up and it will work.

Seb says

Can you please turn this into a gba,gbc or gb rom form becuase I REALLY want to play this on a emulator.

cory says

how do you get tower of heaven?

joe says

ok. so, i download this and it goes fine, but when i open it, a thing pops up saying ___________________________________________ ERROR in action number 1 of Other Event: Game Start for object obj_gameStart: Error defining an external function. please help me! 

Rubensio says


Cameron says

im kinda young but i want to make a game like this myself with knockback systems and a big roster do u know an application thats easy to create a game like this if so plz tell me and also great game by the way

Cienrev says

I've been a huge fan of super smash brawls. I wanted to ask if this works on a gba emulator on phones?

kumquat6 says

Really cool build of the game. Excited to try it out

gregy says

Do you make this game for Raspberry Pi?

damageinc86 says

Put this in my frond-end, only to find out that full screen doesn't "stick", and you have to set it at every launch. Please just make a setting for defaulting to fullscreen.

Ethan I. says

I think that this game is all right. Now by saying that there are a few problems. 1 the controls are too slipery. 2 the adventure mode is to hard ,for casual gamer like myself. 3 there are way to little of characters I get that this is a game ment for the game boy but just 1or 2 more characters please, and those are my requests/complaints. Thank you and good day.

Ismael Ceja says

Can someone help me set this game up on mac?

TyrannusRex says

Very good effort you've put forth here! Kudos to everyone involved. I look forward to another version in the future, potentially with more characters! PS: Vaporeon was a very interesting choice!

matthieu duport says

add more pokemon add more levels add more charaters

Dat Boi says

I identify as a boi and i approve

Dlo says

Android version? maybe in the future? Pleeeeease? Or maybe in a game boy rom, that would be awesomw. Any chance?

Brodie says

I found out about this game today, so I decided to play it. but how do I download it? and who are the secret characters?

Foxy says

I love this. Very good looking game that controls well. There's even a few combos

Rodrigo says

This game looks really cool, but I can't play it on my computer. Could you tell me please how to fix this error? Thanks ;)

Weed says


Ness says

This game is great,I love how it feels like a gameboy game.The limitations are easily ignored by me and the vaporeon choice is creative.Overall...this game is one of the best smash bros fangames.My rating: 10/10

crisisrunner56 says

its cool but my sound/music won't work yes i tried to change in the settings.also i want to use my usb controller. don't forget to subscribe to crisisrunner56.

Paragone says

Is it possible to have this game on gba someday...? Pleeeeaaaaseeeee!

crisisrunner56 says

its cool but my sound/music won't work yes i tried to change in the settings.also i want to use my usb controller. don't forget to subscribe to crisisrunner56.

ABplayz says

AMAZING!! But i have an idea add 2 more characters (make them Luigi and Samus) but with the small characters I understand

Tony says


Dust5 says

Can you make it for andriod im looking for games like smash bros for android

Andrew says

8/8 m8 will r8 cus thats my f8 t8

Daniel2314 says

I love pixel games that's why i love this game

BlitzTails says

Wow, this is very good! Props to you, my friend!

Purple The Plumber Gaming says

This game is really good! I'd imagine there is enough room for 2 more characters in the character select. I'd like to suggest who I think should get the last two spots. Here's some Stage Ideas, too... CHARACTERS: -Samus -Captain Falcon or Mr. Game & Watch STAGES: -Planet Zebes -An F-Zero Stage (like Smash Flash 2's Sand Ocean) or Flat Zone

Denzil Foster says

Would you make a sequel and have as a Smash Bros. game for Game Boy Advance.

some guy says

I got stuck at the top of the ring on the Mega Man stage in arcade. I had hopes for this game.

tollo says


Luigibound says

Awesome game,I do understand why there's so little characters.limits cause gb.Great game 18/10

Nuketastic says

Doesn't link have a nose?

esteban ortiz cifuentes says

what ever

esteban ortiz cifuentes says

what ever

Hunter says

Please, please, please, please, please make it for Mac or just a GBA rom.

Balarb says

Limits make sense. It IS supposed to be a Gameboy game after all.

PokeBro04 says

how do u download

Waldo says

This game would be so good on the 3DS VC especially if you could fight over wireless!

Sunay says

can you get this for the real game boy

The longest name that you will ever see on this site from no says

This is a very well polished game! Good work!

moo says

you need to add more stages, maybe a donkey kong stage+character

Kieron says

WOW!!! now i want to be able to play it in a game boy emulator.

DATAblitzer says

fanmade and awesome and why did nintendo never made this game on the original gameboy

Axel says


Axel says


Davidgamer says

I like nintendo' s videogames

Davidgamer says

I like nintendo' s videogames

Zephram says

Quite a cool game. Very fun and with kickin' tunes. Gets the most out of the control scheme, runs as smoothly as a GB game. I made a 460x215 logo for those who like the game and use Steam to keep their games organized:

Geneworld says

Hey any chance porting this to Linux and RaspberryPi? This would be a great game to play!

speedy says

This game is very fun, the gameplay offers something that we have yet to see in the smash series, which is an offensive, projectile based gameplay

Ezzz says

(Sorry about that, had a different font enabled) Is a mobile version possible? It'd be greatly appreciated

Ezzz says

Is t???? a ??ss???? ??t??? ???s??? ??? ??????? It ????? ?? ???at?? a??????at??, ?s????a??? ?? ?t ?????? ?? ?????? emulators

Gem Carlo Ramos says

Oops bad grammar :(

Gem Carlo Ramos says

It's a great game but,it should be play on a gameboy or it can emulated so that we can play this game "on the go" but i have to admit impressed on how you made this game for retro-gamers. Oh and pls add one more character pls!

a says

what is the cheat code

a says

what is the cheat code