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link8 says


Sam says

i wish you could one one character and that is jigglypuff

Duo says

Cute Gameboy theme, but sprites on the Gameboy are only 3 colors, not 4.

Jesse Clift says

Great game! Can't wait to see what else you make and congrats on Rivals of Aether!

Brayden says

You should add a android version of this game.

Bob says

An Android port would be amazing. Really neat game tho.

Catfish says

Cool game

Trayson says

i like how you can rape pickachu

darrell adote says


smshr says

are you going to update it with anything new?

Dor50 says

I wanna see in the game: custom characters,stages,8bit music,etc. More characters.



trayson says

hey tell me this, are there viruses

kauan842ds says

i ts so cool


OMG, this game is amazing :P

Mystery Man Bro says

This is so good! I wish there was expansions, like more characters and what not, or y'know mods. If I knew how I would make all it just through my love for this game. How can someone not love it!

Retrocjt says

Super Cool Game Guys! I would love to see it ported to an actual gameboy cartridge. I would pay good money for it!

Yoshi says

If this was official, it could've been Nintendo's first Smash Bros game. Since I didn't exist in the '80s, I wouldn't know.

Yoshmaster 25 says

No Yoshi. But overall, looks great for a GameBoy looking game. Looks the first Gameboy game or something, that is if this game was made in 1989, the 6 character roster probably would've been different. Was the Gameboy even made in 1989 or some other time before or after that? If someone could tell me when Nintendo released the Gameboy for the public to play on, I'd appreciate that. Thanks -Yoshmaster 25

Ryder The Man And Guy And Awesome says

this is awesome!

GamingDudester says

Best. Thing. Ever. 1 problem: No sonic. But still this is the best thing ever.

Peter says

Hey, is there any way for you to add more characters? I know this is supposed to be a de-make... But yeah. :)

Kai The PokeTrainer says

Awesome game I played it on my computer but now it is broken. Is it possible if you could make an android version to play on an emulator or something?

Deadpan Robot says

Coming to a 4 player cab soon ;-)

dino460 says

I am trying to run it but it displays a message saying that an error ocurred. Could anyone help m with that?

Elouan Guillard says

I really like this game, the music are awesome. But is it possible to make a version for Mobile (Android/IOS), with an emulator for example

Paul Jonas says

This game seems so cool, not only because that the gameboy brings back memories and childhood, but I also want to see more characters in it. But can you make and Android/iOS version of this? That would be more interesting to play.

Gabriel silva says

It seems to be cool but i only have a cellphone, you can make a version for smartphones?

Josue says

Can you made this for android i love this game.

Ruler says

This looks cool