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sonic22009 says

add more characters like sonic megaman etc...

TheEpicOne@REAL says


Cockslinger27 says

I like men

GalaxyeeNonSmashing says

For some strange reason, I cannot play the game. The .zip file is "corrupted", which, funnily enough, happened to other .zip files today. I'm not sure if it's something's wrong with my computer, or the file itself, but if you can, please fix this. I really want to play this game. It looks awesome

SrCrash says

Why dont have more caracthers? please add more

SaruVlogs says

is good

Wannie says

I Download This Game And Didnt Work Please Fix The File

Angel says


Angel says


Andrew C. says

Why doesn't the game work I downloaded it

undertalekid says


WishVaporeon2216 says

I'm really enjoying this fun little Smash Bros. reincarnation. And I'm so happy that you turned my favorite Pokemon into a smash character! Vaporeon is super fun to play as.

CZ says

Good Looks like gameboy and its 5/5 for my rating is 5/5 too.

AP_Crazy13 says


Luis Ayala says

Hello, I love what you have done! Is there any way to make this into a physical copy? Thanks,

Nintendo says

5/5 stars. Great version of our success, Super Smash Brothers, but for the Gameboy. - Nintendo

vicmt17 says

I think the game is cool, cool.

ZariTheHuman says

good game

Ems says

What about OSX users ???

Elias Wright says

How do I download this game to my gameboy advance?