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ljzero says

Nice, you really did a awesome job making this game. Wish you good luck, and may god let you continue to improve it even more. :)

Sonic Trainer says

creators of super smash land,put the Sonic,Meta Knight,Olimar,Mr.Game and Watch and the luigi

Pedro says

please,sonic please

noel ramirez says


Sebastian says

I'd like to see this as a .gba file, so I could emulate it on my phone. Ofc that's never going to happen. xD

Dylan says

It would be a dream come true to have this on 3DS. It's a shame it can't happen!

Giyari says

This would make a fantastic app for portable gaming! Not sure about copyright infringements though... that could be a problem, sadly :(

venecrafterodso2 says

es buen juego pongan a samus y donkey kon

Dracyen says

It's an awesome game but for me it's just hard to kick ass with only 1 button.

Maltazar (Brazilian guy) says

Great Game!! Good work!!