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Maximiliano says

puedes agregar la dificultad muy fácil, fácil, normal, difícil y muy difícil y la opción de continuar en el modo arcade cuando pierdes todas tus vidas???/you can add the difficult very easy, easy, normal, hard and very hard and the continue option when you lose al your lifes???

AuraStormer45 says

Great game, though it doesn't work with my controller. Also ROM pls.

Phenxmaster says

Need to make gba rom everything looks absolutely great !

Phenxmaster says

Need to make gba rom everything looks absolutely great !

GeekPress UK says

Looks absolutely amazing!

tyler says

looks cool

SkyTheNinja says

Nice job, well done game and represents smash in a retro gba feel. You feel some kind of nostalgia every time you boot it up.

XantoCoolguy says

sick game. can you make a demake for GBA or at least add downloadable content?

Sage Hensley says

Gah, this is phenomenal! This is the perfect compact Smash Bros. experience, simulating the output of the most well-known (and probably the most revolutionary) handheld gaming console in history: the Nintendo GameBoy! There are others who have already mentioned these points, but a rom (.gb) of this would be amazing! In addition to that, I'll admit--the lack of a shield button gets mildly frustrating... but I've noticed that the select button (even though it IS a little "far away") doesn't have a function ;)

Heath says

I just unlocked vaporeon and was extremely excited but when I went to play the game again it didn't save my progress can you please tell me how to save