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Pedro says

please,sonic please

noel ramirez says


Sebastian says

I'd like to see this as a .gba file, so I could emulate it on my phone. Ofc that's never going to happen. xD

Dylan says

It would be a dream come true to have this on 3DS. It's a shame it can't happen!

Giyari says

This would make a fantastic app for portable gaming! Not sure about copyright infringements though... that could be a problem, sadly :(

venecrafterodso2 says

es buen juego pongan a samus y donkey kon

Dracyen says

It's an awesome game but for me it's just hard to kick ass with only 1 button.

Maltazar (Brazilian guy) says

Great Game!! Good work!!

Glitchmaster200 says

from now on this is my pemanent name free to chat if you want i know a LOT about nintendo


hey all those comments were on a kindle but im just gonna keep putting wierd names but you will know it is me