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A Wild Buizel says

Looks great! Can't wait to break my computer by overplaying it! :D

Axel Sebastian Torres (Darwax) says

It's the best indie game! Good project! PD: Sorry For my english, but i speak english just a little... Es el mejor juego indie que jamás haya visto en mi pu*a vida! Es un buen proyecto, continua así, yo se que este proyecto llegará a ser de los mejores (como para mi lo es ahora) *0*/

Max says


Big Bad Bob says

Downloading... The GB graphic looks surprisingly good!

pv500 says


Ironed Sandwich says

Don't pretend to be Ness until you can spell. And asking why someone or something isn't in a game is stupid. (I love Smash too)

Alejandro Raúl says


Alejandro Raúl says

puedo jugarlo

Vaporeon says

Why is this the only Super Smash game I ever appeared on?

Charles Harrison (ceriux) says

Hey i see this demake and ask why not try to make a true blue multiplayer snes homebrew? i would literally pay you for a digital copy of such a rom. to be able to play super smash bros on my snes with my g/f,brother,friends would be awesome please consider this!