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Sobsz says

I love this game! Perfectly shows how SSB could look if it was on a Gameboy.

the cool guy says

@ironedsandwich YOU ARE AN IDIOT


Hi everyone, Just a quick reminder that comments will be disabled on the first of May, so drop in some comments while you can! We appreciate all of your feedback.

IronedSandwich says

by the way the 'Tier Lists' coverage doesn't seem to be there anymore. Rather than seeing Special Move, Sonic etc I'd like to see some easy-ish modification method so you could add whatever you want yourselves.

Cudl says

Feels very clean and smooth. Just wish there was two attack buttons! (A and B)

Superkidra says

*needs (I'm a failure)

Superkidra says

This really need netplay...

Scott Keele says

Also you need a Linux build.

Scott Keele says

Can you port this to a gba cartridge to use one a gba. If you could, I might buy it.

Rexer says

can you make a gba emulators version of this that would be awesome on ios