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Erick says

I think that it is a great game! It nailed the GB feel that it tried to create. The only problem is that it doesn't contain that much content. But, what we have is amazing. I hope you continue to update this game!

Kíbito says

This is a great game and finally i can play it again! if i hear you're doing something else, oh boy, you have my support (but though i'm an """artist""" too my drawings are pretty crappy so i mean like if you start a kickstarter or something like that, ok? ok) totally!.

Gaming Comics says

I would love to see a hidden "Super Gameboy" mode that you can unlock in the game settings or via konami code

SAYS says

I wish you guys would give us the actual GBA rom so we can take it and play it on our portable emulators.

Gian says

could you guys please make a browser version?


add shrek

penis_in_your_mouth says


XxDankPotato2600xX says


bob says


Felipe says