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moo says

you need to add more stages, maybe a donkey kong stage+character

Kieron says

WOW!!! now i want to be able to play it in a game boy emulator.

DATAblitzer says

fanmade and awesome and why did nintendo never made this game on the original gameboy

Axel says


Axel says


Davidgamer says

I like nintendo' s videogames

Davidgamer says

I like nintendo' s videogames

Zephram says

Quite a cool game. Very fun and with kickin' tunes. Gets the most out of the control scheme, runs as smoothly as a GB game. I made a 460x215 logo for those who like the game and use Steam to keep their games organized:

Geneworld says

Hey any chance porting this to Linux and RaspberryPi? This would be a great game to play!

speedy says

This game is very fun, the gameplay offers something that we have yet to see in the smash series, which is an offensive, projectile based gameplay