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This guy says

Is it possible to turn this into a rom for android?

Deadpool says

this game is awesome but the keys are too big for my baby hand. 10/10

jesus says

i died for this, 10/10

Rhyan Moorings says

Game is great! I just cant see the character models for Pikachu, Vaporeon, and megaman in battle

BLACK_R4Y says

sir entidade,yes we(brazilians)know this game exists,but dont see things,cartoons or toy(toys maybe not)it´s horrible

BLACK_R4Y says

and i want to see sonic too,it`s say too much to 2 characters? i think not,but i want to se sonic in this game

BLACK_R4Y says

well,can i say what character i want to see in this game? i want to see bomberman,because he have multiples games fo game boy(all of them).

Super Ultra Mario says

haven't played this game

ari says


alessandro says