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Kai The PokeTrainer says

Awesome game I played it on my computer but now it is broken. Is it possible if you could make an android version to play on an emulator or something?

Deadpan Robot says

Coming to a 4 player cab soon ;-)

dino460 says

I am trying to run it but it displays a message saying that an error ocurred. Could anyone help m with that?

Elouan Guillard says

I really like this game, the music are awesome. But is it possible to make a version for Mobile (Android/IOS), with an emulator for example

Paul Jonas says

This game seems so cool, not only because that the gameboy brings back memories and childhood, but I also want to see more characters in it. But can you make and Android/iOS version of this? That would be more interesting to play.

Gabriel silva says

It seems to be cool but i only have a cellphone, you can make a version for smartphones?

Josue says

Can you made this for android i love this game.

Ruler says

This looks cool

edgarsote says

este juego es entretenido

edgarsote says

este juego es entretenido