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dillion agen says

hi. i liek'd it moar

dillion says

i liked it

Brett says

Best Nintendo Crossover... On a legendary Nintendo Device!

WhizM013 says

The game opens and then displays the following message and wont let me play!! ERROR in action number 1 of Other Event: Game Start for object obj_gameStart: Error defining an external function.

Robert says

this is a pretty nice game overall but it wouldn't be too much to ask for if you could add controller compatibility? I think it would be a nice addition to the game.

Cristian says

This game is very entertaining and funny , music and sound effects are cool.Good job Dan Fornace, Inversephase and flashygoodness, you created the best game.

Shurim says

Would it be possible for you to turn this into a ROM so you can play this on an emulator?

Mike says

Cool link is my 2nd main

Akio says

I love LINK. He might be top tier. down air to up air works at med percent and down air jump to up air works at high percent his grapple is amazing (forward air). up attack can combo into itself. forward attack can be used as a jab combo and down attack is just a amazing kill move. His bomb can be a good kill move and can combo at low percents. his back air is not that great

Mike says

Oh if you looked at my tier list a page back i am not picking favs on that list. my main is kirby