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Trace says

Can you make a copy for a GBA emulator?

anuar says

I LOVE THIS GAME! but how do i unlock the locked characters? i already beat megaman in arcade... i just got a stage

REDBEAST200997 says

if only this was ported to WIIU, im just sayin that nintendo should hire you cos this is a great game but idk why people are saying that it should have so many characters, a few fan requested characters along with 3-4 veterans would suffice because its the simplicity and the 8-bit feel of the game that makes it what it is

safario says

mmmh i wish there was goku and smash ball in that game

hamza says

it looks fun

Kibito says

I think you should add sonic, samus or another character

adam says


Tyler says

Just wondering, but what did you use to make this Dan? As an aspiring indie game dev, I would love to know because I'm looking to make a Smash Bros like game for my next project. Also, I'm just curious. :D

Pizzamanspatula says

This is absolutely perfect.

Riley says

This game wont work on my laptop any suggestions??